Requesting a Domain

To request a new domain from the sysadmin team, please send an email into with the following details:

  • Name(s) of domain(s) required
  • How long you want to register the domain for (default, 1 year)
  • Does the domain need to be set to auto-renew
  • What role is the owner of the domain (so we know who to ask about renewal)
  • If this is for a specific project

When we say role, an example of a role would be say ‘Network Team Lead’ or similar. This is so we don’t end up with a number of domains ‘owned’ by Alice which are then orphaned if Alice were to leave the organisation.

Auto-renew means that the domain will be automatically renewed when it comes up for renewal for a year. If you want to keep the domain, say yes. Otherwise we’ll assume you don’t want it to auto-renew.

If we don’t know who to ask about a domain and it’s not set to auto-renew the domain will normally be allowed to expire, so if you don’t want that to happen, please tell us. A reasonable number of the domains that are registered are never actually used, so if a domain hasn’t been used in a year and we’ve not been asked to auto-renew it, we won’t.

Unless you want the DNS to be setup immediately, we will put a OKFN holding page on the domain. This is the holding page -

Renewing Domains

As an organisation we have a reasonable number of domains, while an individual domain might be cheap to renew, we have enough that it costs us a fairly large sum of money each year. Some of these domains are bought for projects and then not used. If a domain isn’t in use and hasn’t been used for a year, unless you’ve requested it to be auto-renewed, we will allow the domain to be dropped. So if you want to keep a domain, please make sure you follow the above process when requesting them.