Managing a site in the Blogfarm

This article contains guidelines for site owners how to activate popular features on OKFN’s Wordpress blogfarm at WPEngine.

Activate Akismet / Basic spam protection

Akismet is a comment and trackback spam prevention plugin that ships with WordPress. Site administrators can implement basic spam protection on their site by activating and configuring this plugin using the following steps.

  1. An API/Licence key is required for Akismet to function, you register for one at their website
  2. Log into the dashboard for your site (
  3. Navigate to Plugins and activate Akismet
  4. Navigate to Plugins > Akismet
  5. Enter your API/Licence key then save

Disqus Comments

As an alternative to the built-in WordPress comments feature, the Disqus comments is a third party commenting system that may have more suitable features and spam prevention methods. Site admins can enable Disqus comments on their site using the following steps.

  1. Signup at the Disqus website
  2. Make note of the Site Shortname entry, and the login credentials of the Primary Moderator account you created
  3. Log into your site dashboard (
  4. Navigate to Plugins and activate the Disqus Comment System plugin
  5. Navigate to Comments > Disqus
  6. Login with the primary moderator account you created in the Disqus signup
  7. Select the correct website profile and save
  8. Disqus comments should now be active, verify this on your site. The Comments > Disqus menu option should now provide a portal to moderate/manage comments and settings

Google Analytics (single site)

Google Analytics tracks visitors of your site. Site administrators can enable this on their site using the following steps/.

  1. A Google Analytics tracking code is required, Google has existing help resources explaining how to do that -
  2. Log into your admin dashboard
  3. Navigate to Settings > Google Analytics
  4. Enter your tracking ID, then save.

NOTE: only available if you have rights to demonstrate you are the owner of the site. (ftp access, template edition rights, etc)

Domain Redirections

Redirections should only be managed on the WPEngine domain panel

Click “Add Domain Redirect to this Domain” to add a new redirection for that domain.